CT Real Estate Investment Trust

CT Real Estate Investment Trust (“CT REIT”) continues to be one of the top performing REITs in Canada, offering investors an unmatched real estate portfolio, an investment-grade major tenant, well-structured leases, a sound governance structure, and an outstanding growth strategy.

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With 290 properties in our portfolio*, CT REIT is structured to deliver predictable cash flow and reliable distributions through long-term escalating, triple-net leases with our high-quality investment grade major tenant and majority Unitholder – Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited ("CTC"). The alignment with CTC provides CT REIT with a low cost of capital, a pipeline for growth, and unsurpassed market insights – key competitive advantages that have been of tremendous value to CT REIT since our successful IPO in 2013. 

In our second full year of operations, CT REIT exceeded all forecasts and completed eighteen acquisitions (including three acquisitions of land adjoining existing REIT owned retail property), two developments and fifteen intensifications at a total cost of $238.1 million.

*As of February 2016

Our Strategy for Growth

Reliable CT REIT delivers dependable value through many avenues, including the strong covenants it has in place with our major tenant and Unitholder.
Durable With our strong real estate portfolio, long-term leases, low risk strategy, strong governance model, and experienced management team, CT REIT is built to last.
Growing An outstanding real estate portfolio gives CT REIT a foundation for pursuing additional growth - in scale, in distributions to Unitholders, and in Unit value - through acquisition, development and intensification.

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